Oct 31, 2011

Kayi Obbattu/Coconut Holige/Coconut Puran Poli.

Hi everyone hope you all had a great weekend...

It's almost end of the festival season...hmm have to wait another 2 months Sankranti to be here....

Today i am going to show you all know how to make "KAYI OBBATTU".

Obbattu/Holige is always made on special occasions and festivals and it's one of the most traditional and delicious dish....Kayi obbattu is usually is a Karnataka dish...



1 Cup-Shredded/Grated Coconut.
2 Tbsp-Rice.
1 Cup-Jaggery.
1/4 Tsp-Cardamom/Elachi Seeds Powder.

1 1/2Cup-Maida/All Purpose Flour.

2 Tbsp-Poppy Seeds(Sprinkling over the top of holige) .


1.Soak the rice for about 2 hours,drain the water and make a powder.

2.Take a heavy bottomed pan add powdered/well smashed jaggery followed by previously powdered rice,grated coconut,mix well and let it cook until it becomes thicker...keep stirring it occasionally so you don't burn it once after the hoorna/stuffing is done add elachi powder mix well and turn off the flame.

3.Take a mix bowl add maida/all purpose flour, sufficient amount of water and mix well and add about 2-3 tbsp of oil at last and let it sit for about an hour.(Do not make it hard like chappati mix,make sure the mix is little stretching and soft).

4.Take a hoorna/stuffing and make them like a balls as shown in the picture.

5.Wet your hand with oil take a small amount of dough mix and spread it evenly,place a stuffing inside it and cover it all the sides as shown in the picture.

6.Take a wax paper or aluminium foil put some oil on it spread the oil evenly on the sheet take a stuffed dough and make/press them as a roti as shown below, after you make a like a roti sprinkle some poppy seeds and press the roti again(only once).

7.Take a griddle/tava put some oil on it and once after the griddle/tava is hot transfer the obbattu on it and fry them well on both the sides.

Enjoy the Delicious Kayi Obbattu/Holige.

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